Tech success! More poetry, please!

A good night’s sleep made all the difference. I solved the encoding puzzle and immediately was able to compile my virtual comps notes. As long as I don’t publish my copied files to the world (or department) at large, I am well within fair use. Now, I can start toting around all my files and reading them in order to write some of my own. I’ve already saved every last tree on the planet.

While I was at it, I thought I’d update my version of EndNote (a dear friend since 1998) and suck down all those juicy journal articles. Well, I tried to follow the directions for the new install, but this version (X3) doesn’t seem to want to let me connect to GSU directly. I can get 99% of what I need using the Top 100 connections, but sometimes I need to see what physical copies GSU has on campus. I tried addng the connection file manually. No luck. Just now, I found the master list of connection files on EndNote’s website. Ahhhh.

Too tired to list every nitpicky task I did today. Mainly I reorganized and cleaned up all my Desktop files to reflect my evolving status as almost-colleague as opposed to grad student. It’s all becoming a little more real to me now. Better systems for getting things done and staying organized mean better work and better results–even for artists. Especially for artists. I’m reminded of Kevin Achity‘s The Editor, that personified force of the left brain which either works for you if you give it a task or destroys you if it’s bored.

As I have to go to my crazy hard Spanish grammar class in the morning, that’s all I can get into right now. I promise more poetic, less tech-geeky entries shortly.

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