Taking the Pledge: Restoring Sanity to Social Media

Well, faithful readers, it’s official. I am swearing off Facebook.

I’ve put everyone on notice–at least anyone left who hasn’t blocked my hyperkinetic updates by now–that I am to be found on this blog. Degrees of real-life closeness shall merit various tiers of e-mail and postal address access.

Here’s why.

1. I have wasted entirely too much time chit-chatting about, mostly, nothing.

2. I am getting a reputation as a full-bore Facebook crank.

3. I am about to begin studying for my doctoral exams.

4. Boundaries.

5. Lots of really unflattering photos of myself.

6. Why put all that energy into writing blips and bleeps when I can write something more substantive here and maybe shape a book out of it later?

7. Creepy guys from high school. (Not you. If I friended you, I definitely don’t think you’re a creep.)

8. It’s rude to talk about parties in front of people who weren’t invited.

9. Students’ various states of undress.

10. Alienating friends, colleagues, and potential employers en masse by single-handedly posting more updates than the WIRES-CNN desk.

I am glad that I made some people laugh. I’m very glad to be in touch with so many old and new friends. But I’m so drained. So I’m taking down what I want to keep, and then leaving. For good. Seriously.

Here is where my website proper lives:

Here are some other places online where I occasionally spend limited, sane, even productive time:


And, of course, gsu.edu via uLearn, CompClass, etc.

When all is said and done, I want to write books, not status updates. Guess how that gets done.

So, dear old friends, please send me a regular analog Christmas card this year and I’ll do likewise. Write me a letter and include an actual printed photo. Call me up and make a coffee date IRL. I need the real thing and not some semblance thereof.

One thought on “Taking the Pledge: Restoring Sanity to Social Media

  1. robinkemp says:

    Update: I’m doing OH, so well in that regard. However, I have banned the Facebook app from my iPod. This delights me no end.

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