This Pagan Heaven

The book/author page (complete with handy online ordering button!) is live at Pecan Grove Press. I’m overwhelmed by the response thus far–my inbox has been exploding with well-wishes, order confirmations, reading requests, and offers to crash with old friends around the country! I’m really looking forward to seeing so many wonderful folks in the weeks ahead.

The books should be out within a very short timeframe. Assuming all is well with the press run, people should start getting their copies in the next few weeks. Books are headed to reviewers and I’m firming up dates for readings in various cities. There will be a book release party and some readings in Atlanta soon. The big kick-off, though, will be in New Orleans, probably during the first half of August. Other cities include Washington, DC; Asheville, NC; and several other stops that are still coalescing. I’m having to square all this road-tripping around my fall semester, which is tricky–it’s my last semester of doctoral coursework and I’m teaching two classes, so weekend events will be important.

Some additional extracurricular events on my plate in the months ahead:

1) Southern Women Writers Conference at Berry College;
2) Contribution to a big poetry project I’ve been working on for some time;
3) Possible pro bono poet-in-the-schools visit for some kids in New Orleans whose program funding got cut;
4) AWP Denver.

What, me busy?

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