Rebecca Walker on the Stanton feminists and Obama

This gem of an entry begins with musings on where to move, then shifts to an analysis of “the” feminist line on Obama vs. Hillary. I agree with Walker; I would like to remind those of us who distinguish between women and doormats that choosing to vote for a male candidate over a female candidate is not in and of itself sexist. Someone or another’s old line about judgment, color of skin, and content of character comes to mind. I would also like to point out that there is no such thing as a single feminist line, as we learned in the Stone Age of women’s studies. I am so tired of hearing otherwise intelligent women make wildly specious claims that any woman who does not vote for Hillary is a traitor, a la some misguided African-Americans who saw the O.J. Simpson acquittal as “one for our side.” Obama’s distaste for this simpleminded (and ultimately self-loathing) approach to race and gender is a big reason why he gets my vote.

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