Mom, you left the helicopter running…

By Way of RYS. Assuaging the vague, nagging guilt of the mom who spent all her time chauffeuring Junior to soccer and Little League and the skate park and doing all his homework and science projects for him, but who is still too busy to create her own care package for the hairy troglodyte who’s skipping class again because of his awesome hangover.

Wonder if we can get “Mom” to develop a line of instructor care packages? The Midterm Show You Care Basket, complete with top-shelf tequila, a certificate for a massage, a case of red UniBall pens, fashion-freshie magnifying readers, and noise-cancelling Bose headphones. The Grade Appeal Bouquet, featuring 24 Ben Franklins lovingly folded into roses and attached to floral wire. Or the Second Chance Special, which includes a year-long subscription to, a $1000 copy card, and two tickets to Grand Cayman.

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