Whitefolk: Check It.

Look. Here’s the deal with Obama’s speech.

Whether you realize it or not, blackfolk are not, on the whole, pleased.

They generally do not attend your churches, most likely because they were not welcome to in the first place.

Sorry, but God and history are indeed on their side.

If you equate what comes out of the rev’s mouth with what Obama believes, I wanna be a fly on the wall of your lay meeting.

Equating the United Church of Christ with the Christian Identity movement is disingenuous in the extreme. It smacks of whitefolk giving whitefolk a pass on discussing the ongoing racial discomfort in this country. In short, it smacks of racism.

The black church is a unique institution in this country. If you should ever bother to attend one or more of them sometime, you might understand why there is so much lingering resentment. That is because there is so much lingering injustice.

Here endeth the white-ish girl’s lesson. Thanks be to Obama.

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