Old English for free

FInally, I get to take more than a passing crash course in Old English this fall. I had a prof who taught us how to read it years ago. Save for the occasional listen to Heaney’s Beowulf, I don’t use it much. The textbook is set up like any other language textbook. I don’t know whether it comes with some sort of audio, but I’m looking for downloadables now for a head start this summer.


iTunes has something called “Anglo-Saxon Aloud” by Michael D. C. Drout. It’s free, and appears to be a recording of various OE texts (Battle of Maldon, etc.)–works that any self-respecting English grad student should know, anyway.

Also on iTunes: “Oxford University: Podcasts from Medieval English Lectures.” The next best thing to being there, this podcast offers guided tours of the British Museum’s Anglo-Saxon exhibits, readings from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, and audio tours of the Old English manuscripts.

More to come as time permits. Only the choicest.

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