La R. Speaks: On the Quality of News Coverage

From the mouth of the Cuban: 

“Obama’s pastor is not Obama. It’s what Obama’s pastor said, and where the oldest double-moral Republicans put their weenies, instead of the real issues that are banning this country from the international arena, from the world! An entire half an hour on Obama shit. Nobody is scrutinizing the federal money going to that bank and putting money in individual  pockets, because it’s not going to people who were screwed up by the bank. That’s what journalism should be doing: defending the interests of the taxpayers. No money for the people who don’t have jobs, no money for the people in New Orleans who still don’t have houses, but money for the people in the bank. Go and see where that money goes. It’s outrageous. And CNN sucks. Shame on you. So-called journalists. And Americans don’t see that the value of the dollar is down, that the housing market is in the greatest crisis since the Depression, that the price of gas is above and beyond, that the international deficit is the greatest ever for the last more than a decade. They are not doing real journalism. They are checking on a pastor.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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