I Can Has Brain Transplant?

My brain is soup.After wrestling with my fiction form and theory midterm, which is designed to approximate comps without a four-hour time limit, I’ve just finished catching up on the response papers I haven’t done for ed psych because of AWP, the flu, and my inability to comprehend the somewhat-quirky syllabus. Now I just have to worry about catching up on all the articles I need to have read by class tomorrow, when we’ll get the ed psych take-home, which (along with the ed psych research paper and the poems I need to write and revise) will expand to fill the spring break allotted. On the up side, I’ve learned a ton of useful things from both classes already and have a strong core for my ed psych research paper that also applies to my own teaching. Plus, I got the OK for two independent studies between now and fall: a comp-rhet theory that will expand upon the EPY research and apply it specifically to how our English GTAs are trained, and a directed readings on the poetry of exile, which is as close as I’m going to get to a comparative literature class in my program. Dr. Bottoms and I will swap fascinations: his with Eastern European poets and mine with Cuban poets. Oh joy!By fall, all should be hunky-dory. I’ll be down to my last few courses, and I’ll probably be able to take both Old English and Spenser right on schedule.Now… it’s 1800 time. Ching ching! (toast) 

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