So I’ve been busy…

…what with AWP and doing Noo Yawk and launching the WOM-PO anthology and coming home to a kitchen-remodel-in-progress and reading submissions for Five Points and eternally wrestling with the nest of snakes that is the legacy SAMLA website, in between going to class, doing my writing and researching, updating my CV, getting ready for CELTA, and coming down with one hellacious case of the flu. Whew. And getting sucked into wasting time on Facebook!

So, here are some of the highlights:

1) Poems are circulating at magazines. It’s been a while.

2) A chapbook manuscript is going in the mail this week. I want to draw a line between the older MFA stuff and the new/upcoming Ph.D. stuff. I also want to see my work in a book with only my name on it–even if it’s a skinny book.

3) My pal Michele Rozga and I ate at Surin, which I think is the best restaurant in Atlanta–still.

4) Mona Lisa Saloy and I ate at a kick-ass Cuban restaurant in New York, caught up on the non-progress of her house restoration, and then we went to Sonia Sanchez‘ reading. A fire alarm went off, which we all ignored, while the rest of AWP dutifuly evacuated the hotel. Sonia said that this was the second or third time a fire alarm has magically gone off during a large reading of hers. A disembodied dystopian voice announced, “AN ALARM HAS BEEN RECEIVED. WE ARE INVESTIGATING THE CAUSE OF THE ALARM. WHEN THE CAUSE IS DETERMINED, YOU WILL BE INFORMED.” Naturally, we were never informed–at least, not in the way that Big Brother meant, which is why we didn’t leave the hotel in the first place.

5) I’m going to New Orleans and hope to round up a few people to help her out, unless she can’t use us then, in which case I’m sure Ray can put us to work elsewhere.

6) God only knows what came over me, but I agreed to put together a grad-student study-abroad fair. (I did what?!)

7) La R. and I met a cool Colombian poet-filmmaker, Juan Carlos Galeano, who was at GSU on Valentine’s Day, reading his surreal poetry about the Amazon Jungle, where he was born and raised. He also showed a documentary on folkloric beliefs and practices in the Amazon. (Imagine Spanish-Speaking Cajuns before 1920 and you’ve just about got the picture.)

8) I finally started reading Moby Dick. This book was made for me. Why did I deny myself for so long? This is Sheri Joseph‘s doing. She says it’s the best novel in the English language.

9) I’m listening to a cool lecture on Walt Whitman on my birthday present–a replacement for the Christmas present that got stolen.

10) I’m still searching desperately for our lodgings this June. Houston, we have a problem.

11) I’m getting ready for two independent studies. I love independent studies. One of them will involve a bunch of Eastern European poets in translation.

12) Oh yeah. And I have to get my teaching portfolio ready.

I don’t know how I keep up with all this. Maybe because I don’t clean house anymore.

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