Please… help me out here

Bid on my listing at Prosper, people-to-people lending

La R. and I have been officially accepted to CELTA as of today. It costs a lot for one person, but for two, it’s brutal. I had enough money saved for both our tuitions, but we still will need housing and AWP was extremely expensive this year. I was funded within an hour. Now I’m trying to get my interest rate down (my credit card APR is several points lower than my current Prosper loan rate). You have nine days to offer a bid at a lower rate. I think 10% is good, but anything over 5% will beat whatever you’d get in a savings account, CD, or the stock market.

If you’re wondering how to make ends meet, I really recommend you try Prosper or Kiva or another microloan website. (Caveat emptor, of course–do your research.)


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