Chunk 4


Ryan has taught remedial writing for better than 30 years now, which means that ; perhaps not coincidentally, she knows grammar intimately. It also means that She also understands the power of simplicity. The first sentence (or line-and-a-half) is, indeed, a simple sentence:


(transition?) What’s even more interesting in some ways is the facility with which she generalizes from the particular. Shedoes have Ryan has a sharp eye for detail, and she has an equally sharp wit. However, it is rare to find a poet whose work exhibits such density of language, such well-drawn imagery, such apt metaphor, careful attention to both rhythmic and sonic devices, and such successful rhetorical casebuilding for one’s own observations all in one poet at once. This Such mastery is the difference between merely putting high sentiment into pretty words and linebreaks and writing poetry of consequence.


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