Back again

Yeah, yeah. I know.

This one is not hosted on my personal server. I’m hoping that will cut down on the back-end maintenance. I just told Dustin Brookshire the other day that I wasn’t going to fool with the blog until I was done with my Ph.D. coursework. But I miss having this little daily prose exercise. After dropping by Alicia’s blog on Harriet, I was reminded of the temptations and limits of intellectual discussion online. What the hell. It’s often more intellectually stimulating than some graduate seminars I’ve been in…!

This blog will not try to keep up with all upcoming literary events; it will not be devoted to online Po-Biz smackdowns. However, I will continue to dispense clues as to whom you should be reading, particularly if you still suffer from academophobia. (Believe me, I do know who picks up on the hints!) Think of me as your foreign correspondent sending dispatches from the boiler room of the ivory tower.

This is a place where I can dump out whatever literary thoughts may flit across my brain in the course of my own reading and pondering about poetry in particular and writing in general. If any of it piques your interest, feel free to converse. (Trolls, however, will be torpedoed on sight. I don’t have time and trolls don’t have the goods.)

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One thought on “Back again

  1. I am glad you have a blog online again!

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