A good prof is hard to find…

but Dr. Snow is an exceptional master of the English language. I’ve learned more about fiction writing from one handout in her class than I have from all the fiction workshops I’ve taken over the years. Now that’s bang for the buck. It’s all her fault that I now sit around diagramming lines of poetry.

Meanwhile, Dr. Joseph has given us all a heads-up for next semester’s fiction form and theory class. Short list: Proust, Woolf, Chekov. I love to read ahead! And I love Chekov, so this will be fun.

Whose work I’m writing on for Dr. Gylys‘ Contemporary Poetry class: Kay Ryan (The Niagara River), Natasha Trethewey (Native Guard), T. R. Hummer (The Infinity Sessions).

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One thought on “A good prof is hard to find…

  1. Dr. Gylys is such an amazing professor– I love her dearly!

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